Transpositions, Pt. 7: Cécile Feza Bushidi

Transpositions Black Title Card

Transpositions, Pt. 5: Aki Sasamoto

Transpositions Black Title Card

Transpositions: Dance Poems for an Online World

A series that reimagines dance online

Transpositions, Pt. 4: Renee Robinson

Renee Robinson (Video Premiere)

Transpositions, Pt. 3: Lacina Coulibaly

Lacina Coulibaly (Video Premiere)

Transpositions, Pt. 2: Brian Seibert

Brian Seibert (Video Premiere)

Transpositions, Pt. 1: Gregory Maqoma

Gregory Maqoma (Video Premiere)

‘One’ Episode 16: Jared Newman channels poetry as a process of inquiry

In moments of crisis, poetry can be part of a process of inquiry...