Venues & Spaces

Venues & Spaces

Yale Schwarzman Center will transform the historic Commons and three floors of the adjacent Memorial Hall, both built for the university’s 1901 bicentennial. YSC does not include Woolsey Hall.

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Once a dining hall, always a dining hall. And now much more.

The Underground

Great coffee. Great eats. Plus a stage.

The Well

Refresh and unwind under the Rotunda.

The Bow Wow

Grab a bite without breaking your flow.

The Dome

Take boundary-pushing performances to a higher level.

Presidents' Room

Traditional doesn't have to mean stuffy.


If a picture tells a thousand words, there’ll be stories for everyone.

Dance Studio

More than just a sprung floor: more space for dance at Yale.


Meet. Study. Chill.


A portal to YSC and the world.