West Balcony



A place at the heart of campus for all Graduate & Professional students to gather.

Until the historic renovation of the buildings that today make up Yale Schwarzman Center, Commons had traditionally been an undergraduate space. Now a center for all student life at Yale, Commons is reborn with an expanded vision and audience. The establishment of the West Balcony as a dedicated space for graduate and professional students pays homage to these rising scholars by offering a quiet place to relax with the best view of Commons.

How’s your Latin? The circular inscription in the arched ceiling reads “SIGILL: COLL: YALEN: NOV: PORT: NOV: ANGL:” – a series of abbreviations translating to “The seal of Yale College, New Haven, New England.” In the center is the seal itself, bearing Yale’s motto in both Latin and Hebrew, meaning “Light and Truth.”

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Cross section of Yale Schwarzman Center, With the East Balcony, Commons, and West Balcony in orange
Cross section of Yale Schwarzman Center with the East Balcony, Commons, and West Balcony in orange
Featured image: Students from the School of Architecture hang out in the West Balcony of Commons. Photo by Francis Dzikowski. This photo was taken in July 2021 in accordance with Yale University's COVID-19 guidelines.
Featured image: Commons West Balcony, also known as the Graduate and Professional Student Lounge. Photo by Francis Dzikowski.