Dialogue transforms.  Come curious, leave inspired.

Video:  Jon-Paul Lapeña GRD '26  Voice Over: Abigail C. Onwunali DRA ’23  "FLTA" Original Music: Frank Christian, Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

What are you curious about?  Interested in?  Hungry for?  Often, fresh ideas begin over a meal. YSC Sessions are peer-led gatherings where conversations generate collaborations and move ideas to action.

Upcoming Sessions

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2023-2024 Spring Season

February 2 YSC Session: Seeing and Being Seen: Classical Music as a Catalyst for Change

February 16 YSC Session: The Role of Fashion in Modern Life

February 28 YSC Session: Communities in Practice: The Role and Responsibility of Public Programs

March 6 YSC Session: Fear of Being Cancelled 

March 25 YSC Session: Is There a Formula for a Bestseller or Hit?

April 24  YSC Session: In Between the Notes: The Impact of Music on the Body and Mind

2023-2024 Fall Season

September 29 YSC Session: Lights, Camera, Algorithm: Is This the AI Revolution?

October 25 YSC Session: Reflective Imagining: How can reflecting on our experiences with gender equity help us build for the future?

November 29 YSC Session: Tradition vs Innovation: Unlocking the Path to the Future

December 8 YSC Session: YSC x TSAI City: What are you trying to solve for? 

Sampling from 2022-23 Season

YSC Session: Systematic Thinking Between Art and Science

YSC Session: Creative License - A Session with Change Agent Michael Abels

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