Storyboard Projects


Storyboard is a virtual workshop for sharing ideas and making stories together. 

It's a platform where stories can emerge through call and response, as we invite your participation with creative prompts.

It's also an interactive digital space for projects-in-process where Yale makers will have access to a collective media library system and the post-production resources to shape raw media into finished content.

Call for Entries!
off the grid: projects for the moment

Since the onset of the global pandemic, every day has meant adapting, resisting, reflecting, re-energizing and re-imagining with our hopes, fears and dreams in stride. As we look to 2021, we collectively navigate the iterations of our present moment more intentionally than ever before. With the theme of navigation in mind, the Yale Schwarzman Center invites undergraduate, graduate and professional school students to share well-crafted and thought-provoking music, film, photography, poetry, dance, and other genres of multimedia storytelling... 

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