Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour


This section of the YSC  website will serve as your virtual tour guide. If you're accessing the site remotely, get comfy and enjoy the sights and sounds in the pages to come. If you're on location, make sure you have the following before you embark on your journey through the building:

  • Mobile device. iOS and Android phones and tablets work best.

  • Wi-Fi.  Enable your mobile data or join Yale's Guest WiFi.

  • Headphones or ear buds. This site contains audio content. No audio? No problem. Transcripts are provided.

Floor Plans

If you're in need of floor-by-floor maps of the building, check out our floor plans 

Tour Route

Here's a look at the virtual tour route. To jump to a specific point in the route, simply click the link. Or scroll down, click "let's begin," and follow the page-by-page prompts.

Need to use the restroom or fill up your water bottle along the way? We've got you covered.

Let's begin!

Featured image: Schwarzman Center exterior, July 2021. Photo by Francis Dzikowski.