The Bow Wow (tour)

The Bow Wow

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Meal service for people on the go.

Picture this: it’s lunch time, but you only have 30 minutes to get to your next lecture, meeting, or appointment. If you stop at a restaurant or in one of the dining halls, you’re sure to be late. If you skip lunch, you’re sure to be hungry the rest of the day.

The Bow Wow solves this dilemma by providing grab-and-go meal service that’s beaten in speed only by your walk to the next event on your calendar. Fresh sandwiches and salads are conveniently packaged for your busy schedule, providing nutritious meals as you jet around campus. Buy Yale gear for a family member, or fresh fruit for your mid-class snack. Buy a notebook for your first day of class, or a protein shake for the gym later. As the one-stop convenience shop in the center of campus, The Bow Wow stands on the shoulders of the giant Durfee’s while making it accessible not just to undergraduate students, but to the entire community.

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Christelle Ramos, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Yale Hospitality

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Featured image: The Bow Wow at Yale Schwarzman Center. Photo by Francis Dzikowski.