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A generous hall with uncompromising grace.

Cross section of Yale Schwarzman Center with Annex highlighted in orange
Cross section of Yale Schwarzman Center with Annex highlighted in orange

Nearly 200 years after the blueprints were first inked, the Annex on the Grove Street side of Commons has come to life. Combining modern skylights with historic corbels, disparate structures meet across time, reconciling past and present in a generous hall with uncompromising grace.

Adding nearly a block’s length of space for student use and administration, the Annex can accommodate hours-long study sessions, hybrid live-and-virtual gatherings, and much-needed rest breaks. The main level, which sits atop the Commons servery, features spacious meeting rooms and bright alcoves with comfy, oversized seating and plenty of natural light for students to gather, study, or chill. The mezzanine level above houses YSC staff offices and offers an elevated view of the historic Grove Street Cemetery across the street. 

The Annex is also where you’ll find the Good Life Center, Yale’s official student wellness center. A cultivated space to inspire, teach, and practice living the good life, the Good Life Center features collaborative programming including group wellness workshops, yoga and meditation, and speaking events. The Good Life Center first opened in Silliman College in Fall 2018 after the incredible success of Professor and Silliman Head of College Laurie Santos’ Spring 2018 course PSYC 157, Psychology and the Good Life. The course was so popular that, at its peak, it enrolled 1 in 4 undergraduate students. With its move to the Schwarzman Center, the Good Life Center will now bring all of campus into the fold while exploring the intersections of wellness, arts, and dining.

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Featured image: A bright, intimate room with a long table, chairs, and wall of paneled windows. Photo by Francis Dzikowski.