DanceHaven celebrates everyday dance at Yale Schwarzman Center

New Haven Register | TinaMarie Craven

Photos: Top left, Dormeshia, Kara Mack, Donetta “LilBit” Jackson and Candice Franklin will have masterclasses at DanceHaven. Credits: Eduardo Patino/William Frederking/ Courtesy of Yale Schwarzman Center

The Yale Schwarzman Center will celebrate the art of vernacular dance with DanceHaven on April 14-15.

Vernacular dance is a type of dance that develops naturally and is part of everyday culture. Yale senior Gabrielle Niederhoffer came up with the idea for the festival when she was a freshman at the university and said the festival is an exciting way for her to cap her time at Yale.

I wanted to find a way to celebrate Black vernacular dance forms on campus. After working with Dormeshia at the Jacob’s Pillow Tap Professional Advancement Program, I asked if she would like to help create and curate a festival focused on vernacular dance. I am thrilled that the festival will come to life.
Gabrielle Niederhoffer