Skyward Gaze



Aluminum, custom tracking software, projection screen

5 minutes

Skyward Gaze is an immersive video installation that employs technology akin to that used in digital border security systems, exploring the boundaries between human presence and the digital world. Central to the installation are custom facial and hand-tracking software and a sculpture resembling a border gate. As visitors interact with the installation, the software captures their faces, one at a time. Upon recognition, their features become commands that control the visual interface, altering between serene skies filled with birds in mid-flight and skies buzzing with the mechanical dance of drones. Accompanying these visuals are immersive soundscapes that switch between the natural calls of the wild and the synthetic hums of technology. Skyward Gaze invites the audience to reflect on the act of observation. It’s not merely about being watched but about watching and influencing what one sees. The installation challenges participants to consider their role within the digital landscape, prompting a contemplation of surveillance, privacy, and the interaction between technology and nature.