‘One’ Episode 16: Jared Newman channels poetry as a process of inquiry

Laurie Gomez YC'22

In episode #16 of the Schwarzman Center web series, O​ne, English major Jared Newman YC'20 talks with Laurie Gomez YC’22 about his senior thesis project in creative writing. His poetry anthology, entitled The Wisconsin Glacier, explores a breakage from life as we know it, confronting the influences of boredom, distraction, and attention -- themes especially relevant in a time of physical distance. This episode of One features a reading of a poem entitled, “Second Wind.”

Newman shares that in moments of crisis, poetry can be part of a process of inquiry, as a tool for working through complex feelings and thoughts. He also notes that poets are needed at all times, not just in crises, and encourages poets not to feel confined to topical themes.

As a creative writer, Newman has come into his own with guidance from 2020 Nobel Laureate and Yale professor Louise Glück. He has learned that, “Poetry is one way to express things that need expression... It’s vengeful in that the expression is the only route of action.” In this way, Newman's thesis project strikes against circumstances otherwise difficult to articulate.

Newman is reminded that poetry can be a way to pay attention to the details in one’s life. He illuminates that “boredom can be a very valuable thing when we live in a world of distraction.” Furthermore, he urges audiences to write down their thoughts as often as they can find focus amid distraction.

Poetry is one way to express things that need expression... It’s vengeful in that the expression is the only route of action.
Jared Newman YC’20

One, a web series produced by the YSC, highlights interdisciplinary approaches to the arts in relation to the Center’s values of collaboration, wellness, and belonging. The inaugural season illuminates the creative and academic merits of student works impacted by social distance and explores perspectives on community-building among dispersed groups. The series title, One, is a nod to the YSC’s aspiration to advance a sense of “One Yale” and create an interconnected community that builds new traditions of student engagement around campus and into the world.

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