L. Valentina Gomez Acosta YC '22

L. Valentina Gomez Acosta YC '22

Woodbridge Fellow Laurie Valentina Gomez Acosta is an alum of Ezra Stiles College with a BA in Film & Media Studies.

While a student at Yale, Valentina was active with the Yale College Council and Her Campus at Yale. They concentrated their studies in political science and film production. Valentina filmed and produced a short documentary film on influencers at Yale for their senior thesis project. Their film, Influence, was awarded the Howard R. Lamar Prize in Film and Video by Yale College and the Special Jury Prize by Yale in Hollywood Fest 2022. 

As YSC's Woodbridge Fellow, Valentina supports the director of marketing and communications in a broad range of activities, including internal and external marketing of the Center and its programs, institutional advancement, and special events. They are primarily responsible for the Center's newsletter and social media.

A CT native, Valentina graduated from H. C. Wilcox Technical High School with a certificate in graphic design. They are an amateur in motion design, filmmaking, and video editing. Their interests outside of work include scrapbooking, crafting, and reading.

Laurie Valentina Gomez Acosta YC '22


Woodbridge Fellow

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