Hub and Spoke

Intensive: Hub and Spoke

Hub and Spoke is a spring 2021 intensive focused on infrastructure-building and partnership-forging across the Yale campus and New Haven communities. 

Hub and Spoke is a Spring 2021 intensive focused on infrastructure-building and partnership forging across the Yale campus and New Haven communities. An initiative in partnership with Tsai CITY,  Urban Studies , and YSC, participants will identify Yale-New Haven programs and projects that are already in existence to create continuity and connectivity between them. Participants of the first cohort will help define and realize Hub and Spoke as a space where the New Haven-Yale community can collaborate, and where ideas of community involvement are discussed and taken to action. The cohort is responsible for facilitating meetings, planning and promoting events, designing pamphlets, and working with community partners.

Students should expect involvement in Hub and Spoke for 4 hrs per week and meet in weekly huddle sessions from March 17th to May 1st . Students will gain hands on experience building Hub and Spoke from the ground-up, working in a team, , building portfolio, growing network, learning communication and design skills, and identifying internship opportunities within New Haven. Participants will have mentorship and advisory from administration in the departments involved and New Haven community partners.

The application deadline has been extended to 11:59 pm on March 8.