YSC Session: Black Burnout - Educating Allies While Prioritizing Yourself

4.4.23 | 12pm–1:30pm
April 04, 2023 | 12pm–1:30pm |
Peck Room (in Commons)


Black burnout is an epidemic that has yet to be remedied. Black students, faculty, and staff are often asked to take on the burden of educating their peers, advocating for the next generation, and are looked at as the voices of an entire community. How can we work to ensure that Black students, faculty, and staff prioritize themselves and prevent burnout?

Lead Sessionist: MiChaela Barker (MPH/MBA candidate)

MiChaela Barker is a dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health student at Yale University. Prior to coming to Yale, MiChaela worked in the maternal and infant mortality space to reduce healthcare disparities. Her interests include entrepreneurship, singing, songwriting, music production, and Spanish language.