Entre le chien et le loup, 2024

Entre le chien

et le loup, 2024

Projection, sound, steel, drop cloth, thread

3 minutes

Entre le chien et le loup, between the wolf and the dog, a fictitious quadruped straddles both dawn and dusk. As transitions in light blur edges, perception falters, and a chimera emerges. Adaptation and uncertainty accompany daily shifts, echoing change’s ubiquity, emphasizing its impact. All this being said, in English, it’s just painter’s light.

The act of translation can be understood as to carry across a threshold. With consideration of the concept of displacement, this work aims to extend space to focus on themes of liminality, transition, and transmutation, inherent in materials such as light, steel, and textiles. Viewers are invited to redirect the projected light through the use of handheld mirrors, both witness and active participant in transforming the space with light.