Anietie Ekanem MFA '25

Anietie Ekanem

MFA '25

Anietie Ekanem (MFA P/P '25) is a creative professional serving as a Creative Marketing Fellow at the Yale Schwarzman Center. With a passion for the intricate methods and processes of visual communication, he brings a unique blend of artistic and academic expertise to their role.

Currently in their first year of the Yale MFA Painting/Printmaking program, Anietie is actively pushing the boundaries of their artistic practice. They earned their Bachelor of Arts in History of Art from the University of Oxford in 2018, where they developed a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of art history.

At Yale, Anietie is exploring the expanded field of painting and printmaking, delving into innovative techniques and mediums to express their artistic vision. They are particularly fascinated by the power of video as a means to explore the expansiveness of the Black diaspora, using this medium to convey narratives that transcend traditional artistic boundaries.

Combining their academic and artistic backgrounds, with a commitment to exploring and celebrating the diversity of the Black experience, Anietie seeks to make a significant impact in the world of art and visual communication. He hopes to participate fully in the Yale community, bringing fresh perspectives and boundless creativity to every project they undertake.

Anietie Ekanem, MFA ’25

Creative Marketing Fellow

Yale Schwarzman Center

PO Box 208299

New Haven, CT 06520