Bulldog Bash 2023, Welcome Home!

Bulldog Bash welcomes incoming students

Water on the Electric Stove

A story of transformation told through prosthesis, shadowplay, simple apparatuses of illusion to create a sculpture in motion.

Third Annual Bulldog Bash Recap

Bulldog Bash returned for its third year. The university wide party was a success with headliners from Latin America diaspora.

Yale hosts annual Bulldog Bash after two-year hiatus

The student festival, which featured music of the Latin American diaspora, was this fall’s first major campus event.

ARTIST PROFILES: Bulldog Bash artists celebrate Latin American roots through rhythm

Members of the festival’s lineup, whose performances blend a variety of musical styles, described their relationship with music.

'One,' Episode 22: Nora Massie & Safia Speer

A collaborative, made-for-video dance piece highlighting the strength and continuity of community across distance.