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YSC Sessions

YSC Sessions

YSC Session: Tradition vs Innovation: Unlocking the Path to the Future

From ChatGPT to Netflix, recent innovations have transformed everyday life.

The Deadly Costs of Diabetes: Inspiring Advocacy and Legislative Change

How can people come together to inspire change across medical and legislative fields?

Acting upon Environmental Apartheid: Public Art as Activism

An exploration into Beinecke Plaza as a site of resistance

Dumpster Diving: Historical Memory and Quantum Physics at Yale

As technology goes from Research & Development to mass production, how do we preserve the historical memory and ephemera once the innovator moves on?

Role of Consumer Choices in Fighting Climate Change

How can consumers be nudged towards making sustainable choices that can lead to a reduction of carbon footprint?

Session: Media and the Shaping of Identities

A Session on Media and the Shaping of Identities

YSC Arts & You Table Talk

Learn about Yale's central hub for student life, dining, and the arts

Making the Archive Public: Radical History in Public Television

Meet the maker of the award-winning documentary.

25th Annual MLK Celebration

A digital festival in honor of Dr. King