Applied art is made with an ultimate function in mind. Applied arts solve a problem or create an interactive medium that serves a purpose beyond the aesthetic.

Applied Arts

Applied Arts

RUSUNUNGUKO (liberty / independence / freedom)

An installation by Nontsikelelo Mutiti...

Moving Sculpture: A Collaboration Between Sculptors & Projection Designers

A collaboration between Sculptors and Projection Designers

Humanitas: A ‘sonic’ workout, a campus phenom, and ‘rediscovering’ America

Humanitas: A ‘sonic’ workout, a campus phenom, and ‘rediscovering’ America

In the latest edition of Humanitas, a Yale historian earns national honors, a “listening gym” comes to Yale, and Time recognizes a rising star on campus.

'Little Women' by Kate Hamill

,Jo March comes to write her greatest story: that of the March sisters, destined to be four imperfect little women.

Winners Announced For The 40th Annual IALD International Lighting Design Awards

A global audience took part in celebrating the finest examples of lighting design in the world through the presentation of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

Innovator's Toolkit: Recasting the Artist as Entrepreneur

A Workshop with the Midnight Oil Collective

LoveBabz LoveTalk with Babz Rawls-Ivy: Shivaike, Khameleon Productions

A conversation about Medea in the modern era with Shivaike Shah of Khameleon Productions

Highlights from Uprooting Medea

Written two thousand years ago. Performed today.

off the grid Virtual Gallery

A virtual gallery exhibition

Beyond the Studio

A series of talks, workshops, and discussions by boundary-breaking artists