JACK Quartet performs Catherine Lamb’s ‘Divisio Spiralis’ in Schwarzman Dome

Tobias Liu, Yale Daily News

JACK Quartet in The Dome, Photo: Tobias Liu, Yale Daily News

The Grammy-nominated JACK Quartet, famous for their championship of experimental string quartet music, performed Catherine Lamb’s “Divisio Spiralis” in the Schwarzman Center Dome on Friday evening.

For 90 minutes, sustained string sounds, interrupted only by moments of silence and the occasional foot shuffling, reverberated around the circular walls of the Schwarzman Dome. The sounds descended through harmonic landscapes and shimmering microtonal frequencies, at times serene and hazy, at times throbbing and suffocating.

Given our keen interest in unconventional performance practice and the distinctive architecture of the Dome, it seems only fitting that the JACK Quartet will enliven the space with a work that plays so beautifully with its spatial qualities and acoustics.
Rachel Fine, Executive Director Yale Schwarzman Center

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