Yale Crisis Center: SML Stacks

Yale Crisis Center:

SML Stacks

What does Yale say when no one is looking?

This is the central question that shaped our exploration of this campus’ desire lines. Hundreds of thousands of thoughts go through our minds during our time at this university, and not all of them get said out loud. Carved into the very walls of this institution, however, are our most intimate thoughts and feelings about ourselves, each other, and our place in the world. Through the collaboration of found poetry and typography, we present to you a living document of the notes, scribbles and conversations we have with each other through the writing on the furniture of the Sterling Memorial Library Stacks: a place where anonymous thoughts have become a collective institutional memory.

Awuor Onguru '23 & Zack Reich '26 standing in front of their projection design exhibit
Awuor Onguru '23 & Zack Reich '26
Awuor Onguru closeup & Zack Reich closeup
Awuor Onguru '23 & Zack Reich '26

Awuor Onguru is a Junior in Berkeley College from Nairobi, Kenya, majoring in English with a Creative Writing Concentration and French. As a writer, her work revolves around the concept of identity in relation to place. Her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Kenya's Daily Nation, the Langaa publication "Covid Stories from East Africa and Beyond", and most frequently in her family's Whatsapp groups.

Zack Reich is a first-year at Yale College from Tampa, Florida. He is a prospective double-major in visual arts and psychology. In the last five years, he has practiced both traditional calligraphy and 3D digital typography. His artistic focuses include graffiti, tattoo calligraphy, sidewalk chalking, 3D chrometype, and retrofuturism. He believes that how words are written matters just as much as - if not more than - what words are written.