Tabling Policies

Tabling Policies

Yale-affiliated organizations only.

Any Yale-affiliated organization that plans to submit a tabling request must be registered with the appropriate office.

  • Student organizations must be registered with Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, a professional school, or the Office of the Secretary.
  • Non-student organizations (staff and faculty groups or private nonprofit organizations) must have permission from the Office of the Secretary.

The criteria for granting permission are based on the following conditions:

  • Tabling can be accommodated in the Rotunda, or on the lower level near Lego Avenue and the Hewitt Quadrangle staircase. YSC will provide up to 2 tables and 6 chairs for one group. The group must not leave the table unattended during their reservation and cannot move the table to a different area.
  • The group is responsible for cleaning up after their allotted time. The walls must remain free and clear of any materials.
  • Fundraising, solicitations, and financial transactions are allowed, but cash transactions are not permitted.
  • A group may not solicit, sell, or table for more than 10 days within a thirty-day period. Any request over this amount will not be accepted.
  • Merchandise featuring the Yale logo must be pre-approved by Yale Trademark Licensing.
  • Yale Hospitality is the exclusive provider of food/beverages in the building. External food/beverages cannot be sold or distributed.
  • Memorial Hall and its outer hallways are a war memorial and a place of honor. Any activity taking place in the Rotunda must be considerate and respectful of others visiting the memorial. This includes keeping excess noise to a minimum. Live or recorded music is prohibited in the Rotunda and Memorial Hall.
  • Tabling activity must not block any egress and must leave sufficient room for passersby.

Any violation of these rules will result in suspension from future use of the space.

Please direct any questions to