Picket Fences

Picket Fences

Black Covid-19 Recollections by Knowa Know

By Knowa Know (he/him/his), Yale Divinity School, Class of 2023


My project is based on my poetry of the experiences I had this year through grad school, finishing undergrad through the pandemic, and living it all as an African American man in these times of racial unrest. 

IG: @knowaknow
Mirakee: knowaknow
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/knowaknow

This project was begun in March 2020 and completed April 19, 2021.

About the artist

My name is Noah Humphrey but I go by the stage name Knowa Know. My pronouns are he-series. I am in a Masters of Divinity Program at Yale virtually from my home in Honolulu, Hawaii. I recently graduated from Whittier College my B.A in Religious Studies and a minor in Holistic Care. I use poetry as my second voice infusing all my experiences from South Central LA, being a black neospirtualist Christian, and my environment(s) to perceive my soul speaking into my poetry. Overall I see that my words move me and others forward with the more I know and vice versa. Thus the more you know(Knowa Know!).

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