passage of time, passage of space

passage of time,

passage of space

How can we celebrate the little differences?

By Alice Mao (she/her/hers), Morse College, Class of 2024

This image depicts a scene from the artist's window, of various computer windows and outside scenery blending into one abstract canvas.
"passage of time, passage of space" by Alice Mao. Click to enlarge.


In a world where the day-to-day studies stay relatively the same, how can we celebrate the little differences? I study at my desk in my room. I go to class at my desk. I go to design conferences, catch up with friends, draw and eat and drink tea in the same spot. This piece is an attempt to document the repetitive and sometimes confusing semester we have, where so many of these functions merge at our desktop, where our digital life and real life are fundamentally intertwined. This piece depicts the people and the windows spilling onto my desk and out my window, and depicts the real breeze and fallen leaves from outside, the smell of fresh coffee spilling into my digital workspace.

This work was stared in September 2020 and completed in February 2021.

About the artist

Alice Mao is a first-year undergrad studying art with a concentration in painting/printmaking. Find her online at or on Instagram @alicemaoart.

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