Darshan Trio performs dynamic musical medley

Luciana Varkevisser, Yale Daily News

Darshan Trio performing in The Dome, Photo: Lotta Studio

The Darshan Trio — two of whom are Yale graduates — performed on Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Schwarzman Center.

The group’s name is inspired by the Sanskrit word related to sight and the vision of beholding a sacred object. Two of the trio’s members, Vijay Gupta MUS ’07 and Dominic Cheli MUS ’16, are graduates of the Yale School of Music. During their performance, Gupta played the violin, Cheli the piano and Yoshika Masuda the cello. Their performance was a unique blend of contemporary and classical pieces.

I thought it was really innovative compared to most classical music these days...I liked the presentation and the group had good chemistry.
Alex Moore ’26

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