This is my current truth

This is my current truth

Rediscovering, confronting, unlearning, and relearning new normals through photography

By Nikki Whang (she/her/hers), Yale School of Management, Class of 2022


These photos represent my current truth. Now in my late 20s, I naively thought that I had reached a point of stability and consistency. But being back in a privileged university setting, especially as a global pandemic takes hold, has forced me to rediscover, confront, unlearn, and relearn new normals. These photos are my attempt at being truthful and honest in this process. They show what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling, the conflicts I’m experiencing, and how I relate to myself and others.

The pandemic has changed me. The new environment I’m in has changed me. But now, when I look at my life, I think about what matters most. What gives me hope, quells my fears, and lets me live my dreams? Art has always been that answer for me. When I can’t process things for myself, I look to my artistic heroes for solace hence the homages to Lisa Kahane, Lady Pink & Jenny Holzer, and Carrie Mae Weems. Through art, I am able to navigate change and tumultuous times. I can think through all of these bigger questions. And when you can think through something—down to its color, its shape, its framing in a photo—it becomes less scary.

I would like to credit my collaborator, Brandon Galang, who shot and edited the photos and is featured in Safe distances.

About the artist 

Nikki Whang is a visual artist currently based in New Haven, CT. Her work centers on aspects of her identity and often explores the intersection of Asian-American identity. Nikki's past work included public and performative art.

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