2015 Advisory Committee

In 2015, a committee of Yale students, faculty, and staff worked to solicit ideas from every part of campus and develop recommendations for the Schwarzman Center. Almost 2,500 students, faculty, and staff participated in the process. The committee’s work culminated in a report issued in February 2016.

The university and the architects will use the advisory committee’s report as they develop and finalize renovation plans for the center, which will be constructed and completed by 2020. The report’s recommendations will also inform the university’s development and staffing for Schwarzman Center operations and programming.

Committee Members

Lynn Cooley, Co-chair
Dean, Graduate School

Jonathan Holloway, Co-chair
Dean, Yale College

James Bundy
Dean, School of Drama

Susan Cahan
Senior Associate Dean for the Arts, Yale College

Melvin Chen
Deputy Dean, School of Music

Marvin Chun
Master, Berkeley College

Emily Coates
Assistant Professor Adjunct of Theater Studies, Yale College,
and Assistant Professor Adjunct of Directing, Yale School of Drama

Joe English, Yale College ‘17
YCC President, ex officio

Tyler Godoff, School of Management ‘16
GPSS representative

Kimberly Goff-Crews
Secretary & Vice President for Student Life

Robert Harper-Mangels
Assistant Dean, Graduate School

Martha Highsmith
Senior Advisor to the President & Provost

Burgwell Howard
Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean, Student Engagement

Daniel Leibovic, Yale College 17
Undergraduate representative

Amanda Lerner, Slavic Language & Literature ‘18
GSA representative

Ree Ree Li, Yale College ‘16
Undergraduate representative

Linda Koch Lorimer
Senior Counselor to the President & Provost

Elizabeth “Mo” Mo, Pharmacology ‘18
GPSS President, ex officio

Skyler Ross, Yale College ‘16
Undergraduate representative

Cindy Rush, Statistics ‘16
GSA representative

Elizabeth Salm, Neuroscience ‘18
GSA President, ex officio

Gregory Sterling
Dean, Divinity School

Rafi Taherian
Executive Directory, Yale Dining

Lauren Tilton, American Studies ‘16
GPSS representative

Wendy Xiao, MD/PhD ‘17
GSA representative

Catherine Bingchan Xie, School of Medicine ‘22
GPSS representative

George Zdru
Director of University Planning